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A system that allows the administration of Credit Insurance Policies online.




A technological platform designed for the efficient administration of the Surety Insurance Policies.



of Credit and Surety Insurance

InSur is a Credit and Surety Insurance Company forming part of the Atradius Group, one of the largest Credit Insurers in the world, with a 31% worldwide market participation, with more than 160 offices in 40 countries and an annual income of 1.8 billion euros, including Continental, the leading Credit and Surety Insurer in Chile. Both groups consolidate their internationalization of the business and provision of services in Argentina, through Compañía de Seguros Insur S.A., thereby providing a strategic advance and a relevant expansion in that market.

We have specialized knowledge regarding the local Argentine market and of those countries which are the destinations of Latin American exports.

We provide our clients with an ExtraNet Credit and ExtraNet Surety system that allows online administration of the insurance policies.

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