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A system that allows the administration of Credit Insurance Policies online.




A technological platform designed for the efficient administration of the Surety Insurance Policies.


Surety Policies

Types of coverage

What are the coverage lines provided by InSur?

For Contracts of Works, Supplies and Services, Public or Private

  • Reliability of Offers
  • Execution of Contracts
  • Advanced Payments (financial / storing)
  • Substitution of Repair Funds
  • Possession of Materials for Manufacture
  • Possession of Assets for use
  • Certification of Manufacture Advance

Customs Guarantees

  • Temporary Importation
  • Temporary Exportation
  • Land Transit
  • Establishment of a Fiscal Deposit
  • Shipments under Consignment
  • Differences in respect of Rights and Taxes
  • Lack of Documentation

Other Guarantees

  • Judicial
  • Leases
  • Performance of an Activity or Profession
  • Concessions
  • Tax Related
  • Administrators of Commercial Companies
  • Guarantees abroad